Paulie Possum here,

I have good news and bad news. 

First the bad news.

The hotel has raised their rates for everything. The cost of the ballrooms has gone up as well as the food, and moving the flooring from Gardena to Oxnard and back. Everything!! We had the funds to put on the event in 2020, but not 2022.

So, if you are coming to Possum Trot 2023. EVERYONE will need to send in a registrtion form. If you paid for Possum Trot 2019/2020. We have your money, but we will need an additional $20 per adult registrant.

If you have not registered, please go to the website and print out a resignation form. www.possumtrotca.net 

Now the good news…. Theme this year is, “Fairy Tale.”

We will be gathering on Friday and Saturday, March 17th and 18th.  Friday evening there will be a mini warm up dance then workshops in both halls. Workshops Saturday morning and afternoon. Saturday evening after your dinner we will meet again in the main hall for fun and dancing.

After the dance, Carolynn will be hosting a, “Reunion” get together. Nothing big just table/chairs and some games (we all NEED to get reaquinted with one another.)  Please join us! If you’re not a person that plays games just come and talk with us. We would love to catch up with some and pehaps meet some new friends. Remember, if you bring in wine (or any other adult drink) you have to keep it out of sight.

Please come join Kellee Ramirez, Darolyn Pchajek, Andy Howard and Trevor DeWitt.  Check out their profiles at possumtrotca.net which are already posted

Please register for Possum Trot 2023 ASAP and don’t forget to make those hotel reservations.

See you there.

Paulie Possum